Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Listen for Ms. Robyn Dell'Unto on Degrassi

It sure does take something great to get me to write about Degrassi, but that is what this is. One of my ALL TIME faves Robyn Dell'Unto's music will be featured in Part 2 of the season premiere which airs on Friday February 24. Not only will there be a Dell'Unto song playing, but it is my favorite of her songs! Astronaut!

I may actually watch an episode of Degrassi out of support for RD...

Nope, I can't...I am busy that night and I have decided I will just listen to Astronaut on repeat in honor of her big debut.

Congrats Robyn!

And you can get a jump start on the Friday episode by listening to the song here! Listen, love, purchase, repeat.


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