Saturday, February 18, 2012

Justin Bieber swears at some chicks at Disneyland?

So this is going around the net today...that Bieber was at Disneyland with Selena Gomez and he says "F-ck You" to these girls that were taking videos of him.

There is a couple of things wrong was Justin Bieber at DISNEYLAND and not completely swarmed by tweens? That seems insane and not right. Especially if he was with Selena Gomez.

Second, obviously these girls are video taping and Bieber has been around long enough to know that shit goes up on YouTube 5 seconds after it is why would he say that? And you never actually see if it is him or not so this could be some elaborate hoax by these chicks.

If it is sounds like he is asking them to stop taking pictures...but I am not sure what solicits the "F-ck You."


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