Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just gotta be honest...

This is about to happen. I am going to attempt to talk about Chris Brown and, in my opinion, the world's overreaction to him performing at the 2012 Grammys without having the universe think I am down with domestic violence. I will ultimately fail, but I shall try.

Three years ago, Brown beat his then girlfriend Rihanna during a fight the night before the Grammys and there were reports that he was abusive prior to that. Pictures surfaced of RiRi's beat face. Rihanna then went from happy Rihanna to Rated R Rihanna and girl hasn't been the same since. Chris Brown got charged, put on probation for 5 something years and had to do some community service. Definite slap on the wrist if you ask me.

At this point everyone hates Chris Brown, myself included. Rihanna is given Saint status.

Chris Brown finished community service and the world still hates him. He never has the "I feel like the biggest ass hole in the world' breakdown moment that he probably should have had (not saying, he didn't in private…but nothing public at all). He then dyes his hair blond (sick) and does an interview where he is asked about Rihanna. He loses his mind and ends up throwing a chair through a window off camera.

Clearly this kid is in dire need of some anger management.

People stop talking about Brown, but they never forget what he did and never fail to bring it up every time his name is mentioned.

Rihanna releases several angry albums and Chris Brown releases 2. Did you know he released 2 albums? Cause I had to Wikipedia the info. Radio stations don't like to play his music as they don't want to be associated with someone who beat their girlfriend. I think I remember that Yeah X3 song and that is about it.

Three years after the original incident he is asked back to perform at the Grammys. His current album is nominated in the Best R&B category. People lose their minds. Grammy boycotting starts to happen. His first performance lit up Twitter like police sirens. I don't even dare say that I liked his performance in fear that someone thinks I approve of men beating their women.

Then he won a Grammy. People were pissed about this too. They couldn't believe the Grammys allowed him to win…note: the Grammys are voted on by members of the recording academy – which is essentially anyone who has released an album commercially. Select people stood up to congratulate him on his win…which obviously, pissed people off too. Well, just so you know – they probably voted for him as well.

Up to this point I was like…calm the f-ck down people. He is still a performer. He is still making music, which people are still buying. You don't have to love him – but should we all really be calling for the end of his life every 5 seconds?

Then he performed a second time. I thought my roommate, who despises Brown, was going to spontaneously combust on the couch. This, I agree, was too much. I don't believe he should be shunned forever, but this is borderline celebration. Not cool.

Then Miranda Lambert, country musician, takes to Twitter and says," Chris Brown twice? I don’t get it. He beat on a girl…" and then adds "Not cool that we act like that didn’t happen. He needs to listen to Gunpowder and Lead and be put back in his place. Not at the Grammys.”

This, combined with a million other people saying things like "did the Grammys forget what he did?" Did they? Of course not. Do you expect them to hold up a sign on the side of the stage saying "Don't worry, we remember he beat a girl." any time he performs on TV?

And what about her Gunpowder and Lead comment…which is a song she wrote about a chick who kills her husband after her gets out of jail for beating her. Is this what you want to promote? Women killing their husbands? Like that is not worse…violence is violence so don't act all 'Chris Brown is the devil" if you are going to follow it up with 'I hope he gets shot in the face one day."

Chris Brown is a dick who beat his girlfriend. No excuse. The justice system (which is clearly screwed and lacking) gave him a punishment, which he then took. It was a shit punishment and he should have went to jail. Hell, Tommy Lee went to jail for 4 months for kicking Pamela Anderson (that may have had something to do with the fact she was holding their kid while he did it, but still). But you see my point.

Just because the given punishment didn't fit the crime people feel the need to punish this guy for the rest of his life by hating on him every chance they get. He did his 'time' and – as far as I know – has not beat anyone up (except a chair) since.

Am I going to go out and buy his album or purchase a ticket to a show? No. Am I going to turn off my TV any time he is on a show performing in protest of men beating women? No. I didn't see anyone blast Bruno Mars for channeling Jackie Brown in what seemed like a tribute during his performance…and JB was known to have beaten his GF too. You didn't know that? Probably cause you are reminded of it EVERY TIME YOU HEAR HIS NAME.

For all of you that feel so strongly on the subject of women abuse…do something productive with your energy and get connected with one of the many charities or foundations that help women in these situations. If you already do that, then I applaud you.

Well, that's enough about Chris Brown to last ten lifetimes.


Dear Roommate...please do not change the locks on our house tonight.

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