Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jim Carrey's daughter is out

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when Jim Carrey's daughter, Jane, auditioned for American Idol and got through? Well she got sent home tonight on the second day of the Hollywood week.

It was weird that she got through in the first place. She wasn't very good. I think they kept her around for name recognition (what am I saying, of COURSE that's why they kept her around). Don't get me wrong, she wasn't terrible. I mean, any other daughter of a famous actor that sounded like her would probably already be playing stadiums, but as far as a talent show goes...she was not up to par.

It begs the question though...if Jim Carrey's kid wanted to be a singer why didn't he introduce her to some people? They could totally sell her his daughter. But he didn't (or he did and she got turned down?) and she is going on American Idol. So weird.

The thing that actually completely threw me was when she said she was a, Jim. Did you disown your child? Why doesn't she have a legit job? No offence to waitresses...cause some of them probably make more money than me, but Jane could have gone to a very expensive college and have a degree needing job if you know what I mean. So weird.

Anyways, now that she has been on the show I am sure some record company will pick her up and auto-tune the hell out of her voice. Thanks for nothin Jim.


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