Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In Review: LMFAO

The party rockers came out to play tonight in Calgary. LMFAO turned the Saddledome into the largest tight and bright party I have ever seen in my life. I didn't even see this many people dress up at the Lady Gaga concert...then again 14 year olds do tend to have a little more time on their hands...and a lot of American Apparel spandex in their closets. I felt like I was at an 80s themed Jr. High dance.

(Before I proceed: It is crucial that you note that I did not buy my ticket, nor did I dress like a party rocker - I was there to observe, and drink free liquor.)

As many people are aware...the singing part of LMFAO (as I believe the whole 'group' includes the dancers and musicians as well) is RedFoo and SkyBlu. SkyBlu got a herniated disc while doing the 'wiggle' at a concert late last year, no joke. They cancelled some of their performances and rescheduled. Tonight was the rescheduled show...but SkyBlu did not perform. But I guess the show must go on right? I would have been hella pissed if I was an actual fan and had paid money. It would be like the Backstreet Boys coming and Nick taking the night off. Unacceptable.

So only 50% of the band was there...and then, one song in, RedFoo tells the audience that he is losing his voice because he partied hard after their show last night (in Edmonton). Well that's just great. You come here on your own and you don't even have the courtesy to sound good? I mean, he probably would have sounded like ass anyways, but show a tad bit of respect for the people that showed up to see only you. His voice rasped the entire evening...but surprisingly never gave out. So props to him for that.

I was shocked at how many of their songs I knew. They started to sing Get Crazy, which is most commonly known as the theme song to Jersey Shore, and I was like, "Why are they singing this?" Little did I know - it's there song. Hum, you learn something new everyday.

So the singing was crap, but I could have expected nothing less from a band that has an autotune mic for half of their material...but the stage energy was pretty legit. The party rock crew danced their pants off...figuratively and literally. It was 85% energy and 15% booze (or maybe 50/50, not sure). I was hella jealous of the neon pink and green beer bongs that they were constantly using on stage. I want one. (Adding to the birthday wish list).

Besides the party rockers dancing all over the stage and RedFoo's giant hair, the other performance aspects that stood out were as follows: the giant blow up zebra that was floating around the crowd (which died mid show, RIP); the real Champagne Shower that they gave to the front section of the audience during the song of the same name; the multiple tight, bright, animal print, biker shorts costume changes; the dance that included every person on stage doing the spiderman to the audience, over and over and over again (sick); and ending the show with all the men on stage in speed-os wiggling around their junk.

RedFoo spent a lot of time chatting to the girls in the front row as part of the show "I know you're staring at my balls" know, the usual banter. And I just kept touch that shit and you're going to jail. Like's extremely creepy when the camera flashes on the girls and they are clearly still dreaming of the day when they can take their drivers test.

Anyways, the concert was more or less what I expected. Crap, but fun. Would I ever go see them again? No...unless they were playing at a foam party and they lip synced instead of playing live (oh, and the foam would have to glow in the dark, a must).

Verdict: 2.8 Stars


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