Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Review: Ash Rizin (A Letter to...) #YYC

Dear Parents that brought your children to this show,

What the f-ck were you thinking?! Well OK, you were probably thinking that it was a hip-hop musical and it would be entertaining for your 10 year old, but come ON. This ain't no High School Musical and Zac Efron was definitely not dancing around on stage. It was more to the tune of 8 Mile, if you even know what that is. Eminem, thug life, poppin' caps - all that shit.

In your defense, because you probably aren't actually horrible parents, the only advisory on Alberta Theatre Projects' website was 'strong language'...which you could have interpreted as one f-bomb. So how were you to know that there was going to be a verbal onslaught of coarse language, tons of implied and explicit violence, and a BJ? You couldn't have.

But other than all that stuff, and the moments your kids were clutching your arms for dear life out of fear...the show was pretty legit, no? I mean, if you were alone and not 50 years old you probably would have appreciated the show a lot more. There wasn't a ton of people in the theatre my age...which I believe is the demo that the show was created for. In other words: people in their prime.

I don't think you could appreciate the thugging and the rapping like someone under 35 could. Since you probably aren't a hip-hop connoisseur, I will let you know that the rapping in the show was actually quite good. I was surprised to see the little white girls strutting around the stage slinging rhymes and the guys definitely grazed expectation. You would have to agree with me that the dude who played the coked-out drug dealer with the big mouth was f-cking amazing. I actually thought he was a real rapper.

As far as the singing was concerned, it left something to be desired. Don't you agree? Well, you may have thought it was acceptable, but that is one area of show that I have unattainable expectations. The little ginger girl got close, but singing on a stage the night Whitney Houston died and not being sensational is just wrong. (RIP Whit.)

Speaking of drugs, what did you think of the plot? Pretty standard thug life, right? Good guy falls in with wrong crowd, people die, lives get ruined, side love story with girl that is morally superior to guy that falls in with the wrong crew, etc.

I don't know if you have watched as many hood life movies as me, but trust me, it was very in-key with what we are used to. That being said, it is not something I am used to seeing live. A gun shot on the tube is hella different to one on the stage. BAM! Did your kids piss themselves when the gun shots went off? Ha ha, they totally did. Suckers.

Anyways I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't judge the show just based on the fact that your kids messed their pants. Remember, it wasn't written for them. It was written for dope ass mo-fos like me. Truth.


Verdict: 4.0 Stars

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  1. I'm 52, and liked the show anyway, as did my younger, hipper theatre companions. I reviewed the show on my blog and added a link to your review on the previews and reviews page. I'd have given it 4 stars, if I gave stars.

    I do think ATP could have put a stronger warning on it. I run a Calgary Musicals MeetUp group and some people were asking if it was suitable for children and it wasn't that obvious to me from the website (at least they knew to ask, though).

    I hope shows like this bring more mo-fos like you to live theatre. Us grey-hairs can't sustain it forever.


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