Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dude gets killed at Hedley concert

I didn't know the Hedley fans were this trashy. Actually, I probably could have picked that up, but I honestly thought Hedley fans were all 14 year old kids with faux hawks.

At Hedley's Dawson Creek concert last night 5 guys got in an altercation. Supposedly it was a 3 vs. 2 fight and one of the team of 2 died. Witnesses say that there was an altercation in which beer was spilled and the 2 guys tried to walk away and were assaulted by the three other guys. The fight ended in the washroom and the guy was taken to the hospital where he later died. He was 28. The assailants were supposedly really drunk.

You are hammered at a Hedley concert on a WEDNESDAY and you kill someone. I expect this kind of shit at a Slipknot concert...but at a show for 14 year old girls? That is completely shameful. I hope you get your asses kicked more in prison because of these facts.

Not sure what any 28 year old man was doing at a Hedley concert, but that sure is lame.

UPDATE: Just so you are aware...anyone can listen to Hedley, but you will receive no grace from me if you are over 14 and attending their concert.



  1. It was actually Tuesday night. I was there that night. But I agree with you. Those guys were idiots.

  2. adults are allowed to like hedley

  3. That was my cousin and he wasn't lame he just loved music and now we are grieving the loss of my aunts only son due to underage drinking of LAME idiots who beat someone to death! No one should ever have to go through that no matter what thee age is. I pray everyday that they suffer worse than or family is and especially his mom! Nothing can ever bring him back and our family will never be at peace until those boys pay for exactly what they did.

    1. I'm from the area the young man is from...and I agree with the above statement ( sorry for the loss of your cuz). The loss of this young man, the sorrow for his mother, family and friends is overwhelming. I can only hope that the ones involved in his death are brought to justice....the family deserve at least that much. It won't bring him back, I get that, but have any of you buried your only child? Tell me what should be expected..what the family should be is the mother supposed to cope? I'm beyond sad.
      the only idiots here are the ones that post insensitive comments


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