Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Did he get us right? Dean Brody's Ode to Canadian Girls

Dean Brody's new song Canadian Girls is quite cute. I feel however, as one of the Canadian Girls that he is supposedly talking about, that I should say he is OFF on a couple of things.

Here is a list of the things he says in his song that are attributes or things that are attached to Canadian Girls.
  • She grew up watching hockey with her daddy on Saturday nights - True...well, I think so...I didn't keep track of the days. 
  • He taught her how to tie her skates - Not may have been my mom.
  • Her brothers taught her how to fight - So very very true.
  • She can wear high heels or flannel - "Can" being the operative word here...not a fan of either.
  • She can look sexy in a toque - Definitely love rocking the toque, but that is more of a lazy quality so I don't have to brush my hair.
  • She likes snow storms and Gordon Lightfoot - Um, FALSE and only "If You Could Read My Mind"
  • Irresistible, lovable trouble though sometimes - I guess...definitely the third.
  • Likes to snow board - Are we talking about a wilderness girl? Cause I prefer the indoors.
  • Spends her summers out on a boat - Yeah definitely wilderness girl...definitely spend my summers on land...concrete land.
  • Thinks a perfect night out is a cabin - Thinks the perfect night out is not out in the woods with wild animals, bugs and drafty living areas.
  • Smell of coffee on a old wood stove - how long does that take to make? Hell no. 
  • She won't admit she watched Degrassi - Cause I don't. How the mother eff did Degrassi make it in here? 
  • She cries sometimes quiet - What does this even mean? That we don't loudly sob? ...this is true, unless I am watching Armageddon.
  • True north national treasure, she'd give her life for the Red and White - Pfft. Obviously.
So, he is somewhat on and somewhat off. I really just wanted to bitch him out for saying we all watch Degrassi. Gross.


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  1. You're not going to get everything perfect with a song like this, but there's probably something everyone can take from it, just like you did.

    On a side note, Dean Brody has some great writing, he's totally underrated.


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