Monday, February 20, 2012

Debauchery at Disneyland

I laughed for a good two minutes straight at this whole debacle. I am not sure if it is because this is actually hilarious or if I am completely 100% brain drained from watching the past hour and a half of The Bachelor. Either way, I am sure there will be some that find this amusing.

The woman screaming THERE ARE KIDS HERE needs a punch in the throat. For real. It's also annoying that it takes a while before anyone steps in and helps that Barber Shop quartet dude restrain him. Get it together crowd.


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  1. #1 Disney should have their Mickey Mouse Ears sued off of them! The guy was standing there doing nothing and the over sized mall cop just kept douching him with pepper spray. Anyone with any sanity would try to attack someone who is unloading a bottle of pepper spray into your eyes while you're standing there doing nothing...

    #2 Nice work 4 guys who pile on top of him... Ummmm thats asault, the guy has did not need 4 American 'super sized' bodies lying on him to hold him down and they are clearly using excessive force and hurting him.

    #3 This taught me I can go rouge at Disney and I got several minutes with out security coming... Great cut back!

    A bunch of Hillbilly Trash!


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