Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blake Shelton interferes with the Battle of Alberta

Did you watch the Flames get their dicks smacked tonight by the Oilers? I did...I swear, I jinx us every time I watch. I apologize.

One Oilers fan took to Twitter and requested a Oilers shout out from The Voice star and country singer Blake Shelton. He gave one.

I normally don't pay attention to people tweeting celebrities and celebrities retweeting them etc...it happens all too often. BUT I do pay attention when I think the universe shifts in a bad way for me when it occurs. I blame Blake Shelton for the Flames loss....even though we were getting slaughtered when he gave the shout out.

Do not interfere with the Battle of Alberta if you know what is good for you. Or the Battle of the Flames vs Canucks. That too will get you knifed.


PS Don't you love this post title? So dramatic.

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