Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Challenge: Unplug the TV during the Game

I heart Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube challenges. Hilarious. This time he gets his viewers to unplug their TV's during an important party of the Super Bowl. The reactions vary. The ones I love the most:
  • She turns off the TV and when he gets mad at her she says, "You see that Christmas tree right there? It's FEBRUARY!"
  • The guy who gets pissed and then it takes him 10 tries to get out of his chair to turn the TV back on.
  • The guy with all the beer cans and you know that he is wanting to throw one, but he can't find one that doesn't have beer in it.
  • The last one...EPIC. The chick starts beating the guy with a chair for turning off Madonna. HILARIOUS.
Thanks Jimmy, always a laugh.


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