Monday, January 16, 2012

Top 5: Not super lame moments of the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were live last night...and after all the hype and all Ricky's hush-hush-ness over who he was going to 'burn' at the awards the actual show was one giant heaping vat of bore. I actually thought about turning it off, but held on so I could see who won off the hottest ballot of the night, Best Actor Drama (which statue went to Clooney, yum).

Ricky did his job, which was clearly to get people to watch the show, but not actually do anything of great importance once the show was on. I was most disappointed that he wasn't roasting the people in attendance more...which was the big deal last year. This year he talked about Bieber, the Kardashians, and Eddie Murphy all who were not in attendance.

There were a couple good moments of the night that could be highlighted...and since I didn't have a Top 5 idea for this week as I was banking on Gervais being a douche, here are the top 5 moments of the Golden Globes.

Tina Fey Bombing Amy Poehler's Shot
During the announcing of the Best Actress for TV Comedy the camera was on Amy Poehler, who was nominated for Parks and Recreation...Tina Fey slid into the back of her shot. (Seriously, this stood out in comparison of the whole night...that's how lame it was).

Ricky Gervais asks Johnny Depp if he has ever seen the Tourist
Ricky went off last year at the awards on his favorite target, The Tourist, which was nominated and everyone assumed it was because of a bribe. This year Johnny Depp was the first presenter and before Gervais left him on stage alone he ask him if he had ever seen the movie...Depp replied no. Awesome.

Meryl Streep's surprise at winning
I mean it wasn't a big surprise...but I guess for her, the queen of getting nominated and then not winning, this was probably a big deal. She got on stage without her glasses and started rambling...we don't really know what was going on there and then there was a long silence as she was bleeped for profanity. Geez Meryl, keep it PG. She was also wearing something reminiscent of the first year of the Calgary Stampede. What the hell was that getup?

Ricky Gervais' Colin Firth intro
Ricky joked about how everyone loves Colin Firth. Ricky got real and told everyone they shouldn't be so head over heels for this guy as he "is racist and punched a blind kitten"...hilarious.

George Clooney
Hot. But I also liked his acceptance speech for winning Best Actor for his role in The Descendants (which also won Best Motion Picture - Drama)...he talked about the other dudes in his category including Michael Fassbender, who was nominated for Shame where he apparently gave us some full frontal nudity. Clooney said something along the lines of, Michael could play golf with his dick. Everyone likes a little dick humour right? (Also...Leo's face when George wins reads "f-ck. I am never going to win.")

At the end of the night I thought...Billy Crystal better not f-ck up the Oscars or I am not watching any awards shows next year.


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