Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 5: New Mid-Season TV Shows

Like any of us need more TV in our schedule is already ridiculous enough with shows I have been watching for years and I am sure yours is too. I will probably only end up following 1 or maybe two of these shows, but for those of you who have the time...some of these may be right up your alley.

Smash (NBC) 
Monday February 6
Katherine McPhee is back on TV. I think this looks like it could be scandalous...and if it isn't I'll be disappointed.And it better be a rad musical TV show...aka nothing like Glee.

GCB (Good Christian Belles) (ABC) 
Sunday March 4
Ah, we all know how I love the South...and since Hart of Dixie just isn't doig it for me, maybe GCB will be a good replacement. I'm not a huge Kristen Chenowyth fan...actually I kind of despise her, but I will deal with it.

Alcatraz (FOX)
Monday January 16
This looks like one of those shows where you can't miss an episode or you are completely screwed as to what is going on. The concept is pretty dope though...and JJ Abrams...can't go wrong right?

Touch (FOX) 
Monday March 19
Kiefer is back in the TV saddle again. Not kicking ass like Jack Bauer, but this looks like a legit role. I am not sure that what the show is based on will actually carry for more than a season without alternate plot lines, but we'll see.

Awake (NBC)
This one looks the most screwy of all my picks...I think I would get really confused if I wasn't paying attention...but this looks super rad. The only thing is they will probably most definitely have to keep up the mystery of who is dead and who is alive for the whole series...and I just don't know if I could live through that suspense.


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