Monday, January 30, 2012

Top 5: Hot Male TV Casts

Is there any shows that you watch solely for the eye candy? I mean, it is a plus whenever it happens, but I am pretty sure there are some shows that continue to do well in the ratings based on the brilliance of their casting director.

Here is a list of shows with the hottest male casts:

Vampire Diaries
I swear to God whoever is casting for this show is the best beautiful person detector. Almost every single man on this show is smokin. While most shows have 2, maybe 3, sexy men - this show is man calendar central. I don't follow the show...but I am not going to lie and tell you I don't watch it on mute on days when nothing else is on.

Hotness includes; Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Paul Wesley (Stefan), Michael Trevino (Tyler), Matthew Davis (Mr. Saltzman), Zach Roerig (Matt), and Taylor Kinney (Mason, also Lady Gaga's boyfriend).

Grey's Anatomy
Grey's. It would probably have made this list based on Patrick Dempsey alone, but there are some pretty fine men walking the halls of Seattle Grace. I have always had a problem with Carev being the player that he is because I think Justin Chambers is very un-attract.

Anyways...the hotties include: Dempsey (Dr. Shepherd), Eric Dane (Dr. Sloan), Jesse Williams (Dr. Avery), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny), Jason George (Dr. Ben Warren), Daniel Sunjata (Nurse Eli), and James Tupper (Dr. Perkins).

Gossip Girl
Oh Gossip Girl...I haven't watched this show since season 2, BUT that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the guys that make up the cast of the show.

The sizzle includes: Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass), Chace Crawford (Nate), Penn Badgley (Dan), Hugo Becker (Louis), Sebastian Stan (Carter), Kevin Zegers (Damian), Desmond Harrington (Jack Bass), and Armie Hammer (Gabriel).

Originally I was only going to do shows currently still on TV...but I just couldn't resist putting this one in the mix. They had so many good cameos on this show that I had to add them...obviously, the best reoccurring cameo of ALL time...Mark Wahlberg. Sir Hotness.

Eye candy includes: Mark Wahlberg, Adrien Grenier (Vince), Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold), Ed Burns, Joshua LeBar (Josh Weinstein), and Johnny Galecki.

The B---- in Apartment 23
Heard of this show? Don't worry if you haven't...cause it hasn't premiered yet. You have to wait until April 11...but JAMES VAN DER BEEK IS BACK! And for James alone this show made the list. Love love love...this better be the comeback I have been hoping for.


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