Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scott Disick and David Beckham

F-ck. Scott Disick is such a d-bag. Seriously. Is that a handkerchief in his suit jacket? Who wears that to a basketball game...while sitting next to David Beckham. I think David should have punched him in the mouth for wearing that get up to a sporting event.

This whole situation makes me love Scott more. He has absolutely no douche-bag shame. Love it.



  1. It's Scott's shoes without socks combo I can't get over.

  2. I love Scott's style! The sockless shoes are sexy! You can totally see the arch of his foot :) cute..

  3. LEAVE HIM ALONE HES SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  4. clearly the people here know nothing about style, those are loafers, you're supposed to wear them without socks, and that "handkerchief" is a pocket square, they go in the suit jacket pocket, without the square the jacket looks boring. What's wrong with wearing a suit to a basketball game, if you have the money who cares

  5. Do Scott's feet smell?


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