Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Russell Brands wedding ring video, calm down people

The internets went ape shit today with the rediscovery of a video that Russell Brand made in November for his US college tour. In the video he talks to sorority girls and frat boys asking them to come to his shows and then they would take over campus...he then removes his wedding ring and says that he will keep it in a safe place until it he returns. This is essentially a cheap effective marketing ploy. 

Yes Katy and Russell are getting divorced, but you gotta know that this was a part of his act for his entire tour...who had him stopping in Calgary in October, before he even made this video. While here he did the whole 'I am removing my wedding band for the show' thing. People need to stop reading into it too much. I think that was just one of the ways he was working his famous marriage into his act.

Calm. Down.



  1. Give me that wedding ring. My fiance would want that. Katy and Russell is getting divorce and that's kinda sad though. Katy is a hot chick. What's wrong with Mr. Brand?

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