Friday, January 27, 2012

#NowPlaying: MG's Pick of the Week: Oh Hello's (Guest Post)

This song of the week has been decided since monday - that's how much I love it. I randomly stumbled upon it, and have been listening obessessively on repeat ever since. I take my musical addictions very seriously, and this song is no exception.

The Oh Hello's is a brother sister duo, which I find rather charming, from Texas. I love the folky sound. I love the twang. I love absolutely everything about it. Jes will probably hate this song (because I absolutely adore it) but I think the world deserves to hear this gem.

PS: If you love what you hear you can purchase their EP off of bandcamp for a price of your determining, which is pretty awesome - please don't be super cheap though, new musicians need your love and money!

OH MI GAWD!!! I like this so much I am putting it on my playlist right now. I haven't been so happy with something you have shown me since Bon Iver. For real.  

Or maybe I am just so happy about this song because I am not at work and it is now the song that will remind me of the weekend for months to, I am pretty sure it is just rad.  

Good job MG. Is that 2 in a row?  


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