Friday, January 13, 2012

#NowPlaying: MG's Pick of the Week: The Concept and Gregory Alan Isakov

This week I'll present you with two videos, as vacation got the best of me last week and I completely forgot to send something to Jes ... whoops!

First up we've got The Concept. They're from West Virginia, but somehow manage to sound very Phoenix inspired - which isn't something I'm hating on as I'm a huge Phoenix fan.

Their music is catchy and upbeat, without being nauseatingly poppish. I love everything about it and am willing to bet we'll here more from these guys as they continue to ride the pseudo indie pop wave that's been created by Phoenix, Foster the People, and Young the People ...

My second song tests Jes' theory that people have an increased chance of liking something more if it's at least vaguely familiar to them.

If you watched television at all over the Holiday season I'm sure you saw the McDonald's commercial where the couple is moving into their new home, and seeming a little down that they're not going to have a real Christmas - so they bond over McD's giftcards and Big Macs.

While I don't subscribe to the newsletter that McDonald's food will make you feel wonderful and provide intimate moments (although it does cure a mean hangover), I do believe that if you've got a functioning set of ears you more than likely fell in love with the background music - Gregory Alan Isakov's 'Big Black Car.'

It's a mellow alternative to the Concept, and I think you'll enjoy it. For all of those who might have a beef (har .. har .. har) about Isakov having his music in a McDonald's commercial - he donated all of his earnings to a non-profit group concerned with sustainable farming. In any case, the song is brilliant and the lyrics are beautiful - so what if it also makes me want a Big Mac?

So first, The are correct. They DO sound like all those other bands. That is not necessarily a good thing. I do like the song, beat etc...but as far as buying an album, pass.

Next this Gregory fellow. You ask if I remember that commercial, and the answer is was one of the most annoying commercials of Dec 2011. No joke. 

Unfortunately for Greg...the song reminds me of that commercial which makes me want to go burn down a McDonalds. Had it not been associated with the commercial I definitely would have given it some love. Lots of love.


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