Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

This weekend...nothing.

Back to the Sea
Ghetto. I am all for the old school animation, but this looks cheap. the mighty have fallen. Remember when Christian Slater was a legit he is, next to Tim Curry, the highest billing actor (voice) in this movie. Gross. Definitely pass.

The Grey
Saw this. Bunch of oil workers in Alaska get in a plane crash and have to run from a pack of wolves that are hunting them. Scary...I still haven't recovered. But I am a pussy. You will probably think it is dumb.

Man on a Ledge
While I do think Sam Worthington is normally hawt...this movie looks kind of blah. I think after watching Flashpoint marathons, one doesn't really see the entertainment value of a negotiator type movie.

One for the Money
If this isn't the nail in Katherine Heigl's movie coffin I don't know what is. This looks dumber than Killers...and that movie was atrocious. One would think that they would have learned from the flop that was Bounty Hunter and not put money into another Bounty Hunter RomCom.

My Pick: Kind of a shitty list eh. I pick none...go and see The Descendants if you haven't already.


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