Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lil Wayne paints - Mirror (VIDEO)

I was never really sold on this song. After seeing the video I would have to say...yeah, still not sold. Lil Wayne is such a little gangster. Seriously...I could pick him up and put him in my pocket if he wasn't wearing so much bling.


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  1. [Lil Wayne]
    And just the other day, my nigga Chris killed his self
    I pray to God, that I never feel the way he felt
    Where do we go when there's no help?
    He figured Heaven, so he went left
    Ya'll know that ain't right
    Plus, he was high as a plane that same night
    Shit, I probably been on that same flight
    Shit, I probably had that same fight
    I just kept swinging
    Twelfth rounds coming, bells ringing
    (I run with trouble... trouble)
    Introduced to the game, when I was just a child
    Mama loved a drug dealer, straight quit her job
    They took his life, and along with him, I died
    And she died, we died
    Then came my daughter, to my bed side
    Told me daddy, don't cry, I'm alive
    I look her in the eyes, and see me with no sins
    But this is how the note ends


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