Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Joan Rivers on Chelsea Handler: Girl made it on her back f-cking the president

Chelsea Handler and Joan Rivers seem to not be fans of one another.

They both took shots at each other on Howard Stern's radio show. Chelsey tells Joan to f-ck off and Joan tells the world that we all know that Chelsey got to where she is because she was screwing the president of E! (where she now has her own TV show).

So while they shit on each other and try to play up who is better than who....may I remind them that they both have shows on a network most famous for making the Kardashian's household name.

I would go on to say that neither of them are as legit as they think they are. Joan is old as sin and her face scares the piss out of me. Chelsea is ok, but you can tell she hates her life on her show and the spin off of her life Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea is the second worst show of the year (next to I Hate My Teenage Daughter...which is HORRIFIC).

So yeah...fight away bitches...more people care about Khloe and Kim fighting than your pissing contest.


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