Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JLo's commercial blows, but come ON

We all know I hate JLo's Fiat commercial...where she 'drives' through Brooklyn and hangs out with the hood children (...which, coincidentally was filmed in LA)...but this is a whole other level of stupid hate.

I didn't do any research on the matter because it is late and I want to sleep...but getting pissed at a car company because they sell their cars in a country that sucks doesn't seem like a legit reason to boycot them. Is this United Against Nuclear Iran group serious? Are they going to come out with parody videos for each and every company or product that does business in Iran. Cause that will take a year.

JLo...I am actually on your side on this. I mean, you commercial hurts like a nuclear explosion, but you ain't killing people in Iran.


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