Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Jersday and the J Shore kids are back home in Jersey

What are Thursdays without Jersey Shore? Well...a much classier day of the week, that's for sure.  Jersey Shore season 5 premiered tonight and it was a lot of the same old. Drinking, whining, and the Sitch trying to stir up trouble. Nothing we haven't seen before. The amusement that I used to garner from their ridiculousness has flown the it is just depressing.

That being said there were a couple of good one liners from the episode that I would like to share.
  • "My bed is my bed. I peed in it last year so who would want to sleep in that?" - Snooki (on what bed she wants in the J Shore house)
  • "If he get into my relationship I will be forced to put his bed on the porch." - Ronnie (on Mike stirring up trouble)
  • "We're losing weight and we're getting pale. It's like the end of civilization." - Sitch (on the lack of GTL in Italy)
  • "Uncle Deeno is the ultimate creep. He should be in this house with us. He can have the smoosh room." - Ronnie (on one of the Uncles being a dirty old dude)
  • "This is hurricane Situation and it is headed straight for Snooki Island." - Sitch (I feel like he has used this line before...)

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