Monday, January 2, 2012

In Review: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Ethan Hunt is back...he's a little older, but he still runs the same.

I was pretty happy with the latest installment of the MI franchise. As usual the IMF team has to go rogue because someone has framed them for something. Ethan Hunt, played Tom Cruise, leads his loyal team in their self imposed mission of defusing some giant international disaster from occurring. Same old same old.

I liked this movie over say, the second one...which was garbage, because Ethan didn't just bounce back from every physical encounter he occurred. They recognized the fact that the man is getting old and there is no way the collisions of the past would be brushed off as easily as they were previously. It just didn't seem as easy as it has been in the past for things to get done. Everything didn't go according to plan and there were some frantic moments. I liked made the story a lot more realistic...well, as close to realistic as they could get.

Jeremy Renner plays a new addition to the team. I thought I would hate him, but I actually quite enjoyed his performance and his character. The comedic charm of Simon Pegg who plays Benji, the techie character from the third film who is now a field agent, was not lost on me. He is hilarious. If they do decide to make more MI movies (and why wouldn't they...they are Tom's guaranteed paycheck) they had better include Simon.

All in all, a good night out at the theatre.

Verdict: 3.7 Stars


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