Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Rihanna is dead...RiRi reps for Thug Life now

Rihanna posted a picture of herself on Twitter with the words Thug Life written on her the style of the late great Tupac. She had just tweeted something about her new of course everyone thinks she got Thug Life permanently inked on her she is straight out of Compton.

I have not been able to find anywhere a confirmation that this is, or was, made into a real tattoo. But for fun, let's just say it is.

Thug Life? Really. What exactly is so 'thug' about you Rihanna? Have to pop a cap in anyone's ass lately? Get in an alley fight? Sell some drugs? Hell...even write a song that was extremely inappropriate for children under the age of 16? Yeah, didn't think so.

I'm pretty much over feeling sorry for Rihanna at this point. I miss her, but happy Rihanna died when Chris Brown bludgeoned her face with his hands.

We all dealt with the depressing tone of Rated R and even held back the harsh criticism of Loud because we were all still thinking she was dealing with abuse demons...but then the shittiness of Talk That Talk and now Thug Life? Are you F-CKING kidding me Ri? Go to therapy. Get some GD help and then get someone who is less of a poser and not so damn emo to write your next album.

F-ck. I really hope that is not a real tattoo. I'm gonna have to smack a bitch.


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