Friday, January 6, 2012

Emmy Rossum sings for a hot dog makes me really uncomfortable when people sing on demand. I do not know why, but it is awkward.

While on Conan on Wednesday night Emmy Rossum was telling a story about when she was younger going to voice lessons and then walking home past a butcher. The butcher would give her a hot dog if she could sing an aria. So of course, since most stuff on these shows is pre-planned, Conan brings out a hot dog from under his desk and she starts right into song.

He stand up like he is shocked out of his face that she can actually, did he not see Phantom of the Opera? Good gawd man, know who you are interviewing. It was good, but sit your ass down.

Anyways, I did not like this whole situation. Note to the general public, do not sing on demand in front of me...I will get awkward and walk away.


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