Thursday, January 12, 2012

Demi and Wilmer...if it was, it is now over

It is so weird when a couple, who you weren't even sure if they were dating at all in the first place, supposedly break up, but you don't know if they actually broke up...or if they are still together, or if they were even together in the first place.

Gawd, that was confusing.

As is the whole Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama relationship thing. Supposedly the couple, who never confirmed they were dating, have broken up. I have no doubt that they are or were dating. Wanna know my theory, okay I will tell you.

Wilmer likes girls of a certain age. Legal, but not old enough that they could not be mistaken for a lady. Let's recap just a couple of his higher profile relationships. Mandy Moore in 2001...she was 17 or 18...he then went on the radio and semi-claimed that he took her virginity (cause guys that like to date children like that kind of thing)

...then it was onto Ms. Lohan, when she was still an innocent ging, before the fall. Lindsay was 18 when she dated him in 2005. Then she probably started doing coke which was too much of an adult habit and that was the end.

Then, 5 years later it was onto Demi, who again was 18. Oh, and just in case you were curious, Wilmer still ages...he is now 31.

Anyways, Wilmer...don't ya think it is time to grow up? Date a real woman and be a real man? Yes, no?


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