Monday, January 9, 2012

Common thinks Drake is Canada Dry

Common (the rapper) and Drake have a little bit of a beef going on. Not quite clear on who started the whole thing, but I read something that said it started over Serena Williams…um, WTF. Whatever gets you going I guess.

In all honesty, rapper disputes haven’t been interesting since the good old days when saying ‘I’ll pop a cap in your ass’ literally meant I’ll blow your brains out. After Biggie and Tupac, rappers got soft and packing heat became a metaphor for ‘I have some zinger I may or may not say about you in an album and people may or may not know that I am talking about you.’

Not that I would necessarily want people to start shooting their competition in dark alleys, but it would make life a little more interesting.

Anyways, back to the current fight. So Common put out a remix of a song, Stay Schemin, which has the line (among others) “I’m talking to long with this amateur guy/ You ain’t wettin’ nobody n---a, you Canada Dry.” Which is in reference to Drake, who is Canadian.

Would I really be too concerned about this if I was Drake? Probably not. I would be more concerned if I was Common…throwing Canada into the mix when he films his TV show Hell on Wheels in Alberta…presumably the only province where Cowboys still exist…and they may actually shoot you. Just sayin.


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