Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cindy Crawford's 10 year old is a model

Keeping it in the family business I see. Cindy Crawford's 10 year old daughter Kaia is part of Young Versace's spring/summer 2012 campaign (as seen above).  Cindy is now 45 and leaving the modeling up to the young.

I realize that Cindy was very successful in her career as a model, but one has to think that she also saw the shitty side of the the super skeezy, lame, anorexic, and drug induced side. So one would also think, if the aforementioned was experienced, that she would rather lay on hot coals and be bludgeoned with baseball bats than to let her daughter go into the same line of work. I realize that she is only 10 and the drugs and eating disorders probably come later...but really.

Well, anyways...cheers to a life of basing self-worth on looks and body size. All the best Kaia.


Is she wearing socks and sandals? I will hit a bitch.

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