Thursday, January 26, 2012

50 Cent makes a naked photo bet

The NY Giants have made it to the Super Bowl and 50 Cent has accepted a bet that, if lost, will have a nudey photo of himself going viral by the end of the day Monday Feb 6.

A person on Twitter (@MyBestAssets) bet 50 that the Giants would lose. If (she?) wins he will tweet a nude pic and if she loses she will tweet a 'boobs and face' pic.

Here is the thing...only Chelsea Handler wants to see his naked bits and is this really worth it for 50? Cause I am pretty sure he was the person that tweets his slut followers for naked pictures and 5 seconds later Twitter monitors need to do a clean sweet of the huss accounts because has all of a sudden turned into Seriously.

Well...I guess it got us talking about 50 again.

Go Giants. I want to see if this shit goes down.


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