Saturday, December 3, 2011

Taylor Kitsch talks Kelowna on Jimmy Kimmel

Actor Taylor Kitsch grew up in Kelowna, BC - and if we were going to get technical he grew up in Rutland...which is pretty much the ghetto of K-Town. Now I can say this because I lived in Rutland for a summer. Eck.

While on Jimmy Kimmel this week he talked about growing up in the BC town. He sure does not do Kelowna a service...he makes it sound so hick, when people from all over Western Canada flock there, especially in the summer, for all the lakes etc. Oh well.

I very VERY much prefer Taylor with short hair. Meow.



  1. The so called "ghetto" of Kelowna? You must have lived in the poor part of Rutland because there are some nice areas. Just like downtown. Don't knock an entire area because your socio-economic situation provided you with narrow vision. Some of the most beautiful homes and views in the entire Okanagan are in Rutland. You just have to leave Hein Road once in while;)

    1. Amen to that - I live and run my business in Rutland and I love it - open your eyes, there are no "ghettos" here. I even own a rental house on Hein Rd. - and while it's certainly not an affluent street, I doubt even it could be called ghetto, it's mostly hard working folks these days - pull your head out of your @#$.


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