Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ryan Seacrest to replace...Matt Lauer?

There have been talks of Matt Lauer leaving the Today show next year for some time now. Matt is pretty much the star of that broadcast so there would be some big shoes to fill. So who would you pick?

A source told the Wall Street Journal that NBC's number one replacement choice is none other than the guy who we all thought was gay until he started dating the dancer from Dancing on a Budget with some D-List Celebrities chick Julianne Hough...that's right, Ryan Seacrest.

Interesting choice, but doesn't Matt do more serious pieces? I know Today is a lot of fluff, but Matt is usually the guy that gets the hard interviews and has people being douchy to him...hum, now that I think about it they should definitely go with Ryan. That would be hilarious.


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