Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively hit up Vancouver

OH. MI. GAWD. Ryan Reynolds brought Blake Lively home to meet the family. This is more serious than I initially thought. Tragic.

Ryan and Blake were spotted eating with his family at a restaurant in Vancouver on Monday and at other locations in Vancouver. In the photo above Blake looks like she is dressed for -20 not plus whatever it is in Vancouver right now. Pfft. Pussy.

What a sad piece of holiday news. Last year around this time Ryan and Scarlett announced they were getting was a Christmas miracle, but this year he is breaking my heart. Sad face.


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  1. Does meeting the family only mean a serious relationship. His mother has met Blake before during the GL premier. He just may have wanted to go home for Christmas. This is a man who is dating. Why can it not be that simple??


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