Friday, December 2, 2011

#NowPlaying: MG's Pick of the Week: The Naked and Famous (Guest Post)

It's Friday again. The great day where most of us get to celebrate the fact that we've got two days away from our cubes to get up to some shenanigans. A day where, despite the world's best efforts to get Rebecca Black stuck in our heads, we'll rebel and listen to good music instead. Which brings us to my weekly attempt to win you over with my musical selections.

This week, in an attempt to diversify, I've strayed away from my usual boy + guitar = success equation, by bringing in some pop/synth to hopefully pique your interest.

 Which brings me to the Naked and the Famous, who just happen to be from Auckland, New Zealand - making them that much cooler. The music might be a little bit different from what you're used to, and sure, you might have to be on hard drugs to truly appreciate the video, but it's catchy as all heck.

Hard drugs? Maybe just some Mary Jane...but yes, I had to watch it twice and listen to it once without the video to really get a full appreciation for the song.

And I must say...pass. Like passed, this week I APPROVE. I hear that happened a lot today...I'm talking to all those accountants who passed the UFE in Canada today. Golf clap.
...oh, and F-CK you for bringing up Rebecca Black. Now I have the ungodly song in my head.


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