Friday, December 16, 2011

#NowPlaying: MG's Pick of the Week: GROUPLOVE (Guest Post)

Unless you live under a rock, this song probably sounds familiar to you - as it's currently seeing heavy rotation thanks to the latest Apple commercial.

Grouplove has had a big year. Their album Never Trust a Happy Song has been selected by numerous media outlets as being one of the best of 2011. I'm inclined to agree with this - the album's full of gems, and is worth a complete listen through if you're looking for catchy pop that's better than what you're used to hearing on the radio.

My prediction is that Jes will have something to say about the dirty hipsters, but that she will appreciate the catchiness of the song, and the fact that it doesn't make you want to sit in a corner and cry. Also, the video is about a guy who eats laced brownies and has a crazy night. Hilarity ensues.

You 'predict' that I will comment on the nasty hipsters. Well obviously...they are just disgusting. That house party scene reminded me of seeing a band at Sled Island in the basement of a was hot, muggy, and I was surrounded by people that looked just like that. I am pretty sure I almost died.

Anywhos, onto the song. Brava Ms. Gallagher I do like...and it is not because it is familiar to me because of the commercials (yes, I have heard it before) but because it is kind of this holiday season. Or at least the beat is. I think your best best is to stay away from the extremely emo...which I know you love.

Grouplove, you get my stamp of approval.


Side note: Is this what happens to them when they eat laced brownies? Cause I am pretty sure this would not be my experience...just sayin.

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