Friday, December 9, 2011

#NowPlaying: MG's Pick of the Week: Bombay Bicycle Club (Guest Post)

So I'm kind of nervous sending this off, as Jes told me that she was excited for my post today, because she had 'a good feeling' about my pick. Not to mention the fact that I'm coming off my first win since I posted about Library Voices way back in October. Thanks to the Naked and the Famous for helping to make my music blogging dreams come true.

This week I bring you Shuffle by the Bombay Bicycle Club. In order to (hopefully) achieve success two weeks in a row, I'm going to go with the same formula that led me to a win last week. These are the requirements I followed:
  1. It's catchy pop
  2. It's from outside of North America
  3. It's awesome
  4. It's not just entirely hip boys with guitars
While I made this list (and checked it twice) I think it's pretty great to note that this video contains hip boys with guitars, while still meeting all aforementioned requirements. It's a big win for everyone involved, and potentially some sort of holiday miracle.

Wait - who are we kidding? The only holiday miracle that will happen around these parts is if I get to back to back 'passes.' Here's hoping, everyone.

And today I become...the dream crusher. Sorry hooker, no go.

It was like one giant mellow bar on repeat for a full 3 minutes. I thought it was okay when it first started, but by the end I was thinking...just finish already so I can move on with my life. It was like an indie kid version of a Black Eyed Peas song (shudder)...repeat, repeat, repeat.

I think I would put this on a mellow playlist that is meant for the low energy drowsy moments of my life. And that is all.

And on a related note, because you are obsessed with boys and their least pick cute ones. NONE of these dudes were 'second glance'-able.


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