Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Madonna: Masterpiece (MUSIC)

Holy Mother of baby Jesus...I don't hate this. I actually like a song by Madonna. I has been YEARS since I have been okay with something that Madge has put out. Insanity.

This is Madonna's new song, Masterpiece, which will be on the soundtrack for her new movie W.E., in which she made her directorial debut.

Well done M. I tip my hat to you.



  1. I love it.....shocked to have liked it so much.

  2. Great song, but seriously, Jes, there are numerous Madonna songs that are better and they were all done in the last two or three albums. You should check them out, especially the classic "Confessions On A Dance Floor". Also "American Life" has some of the best dance music on it EVER. Madonna is bad-ass and always stretches herself musically.


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