Thursday, December 22, 2011

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

Do me a favor and spend time with your families this weekend. Play games or some shit, don't go to the movies. That is lame...I expect you to be a little more creative than that. After the 25th go buck wild. And after that you can enjoy any of these...or some of them, there are a couple that don't look too enjoyable.

Carnage (limited)
This is a film that I would put on my list to go see at a film festival...when I am in the mood to see film festival type movies, but as far as going to a theatre and paying the big bucks to see it on the big screen. Meh.

The Darkest Hour
Firstly, is that the girl from Juno? I think it is. The Sci-Fi alien thing is not usually a draw for me...and this movie is no different. Sorry Emile Hirsch, not this time.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (limited)
I literally tear up every time I see this preview (only cried the first time...obviously). Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock are two of my all time faves and the story looks so intriguing.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
This came out Wednesday. Read review...not for everyone. (Mom, I'm talking to you)

War Horse
Ugh. A movie about a horse during the WWI? Let me tell you this, if I was alive during WWI and some kid was more concerned with a friggin horse than the thousands of actual people that were getting killed every day I would shank him. If you watch that preview on mute it is actually the lamest thing you will ever see. It is the music that makes you think it may be watchable. I don't care that Steven Spielberg directed it either. The man is losing it in his old age, obviously. It is like 'Lassie come home' all over again. Kill me now.

We Bought a Zoo
Well this just looks ridiculous. I would watch this if someone promised me that I would get to see someone get mauled by that crazy ass lion...or at least the bear. Because I don't think that will happen I think I will pass on this. Also, Matt Damon is in desperate need of a hair cut. Gross.

My Pick:  If it is playing in your area Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, definitely.


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