Thursday, December 8, 2011

Movie Madness: Out this Weekend

After a weekend of no new releases (like, literally...there was a documentary by David Suzuki and that's it) we have a couple good ones this weekend. I for one will spend my weekend at Ugly Sweater parties and watching the horrifically awesome Hallmark movies on the W channel...that's right, so bad ass.

The Artist (Limited)
Ugh. A silent movie about silent movies. What a bore. Critics are loving it though and it is being touted as one of the top Oscar contenders, which is disgusting and makes me want to cancel my annual Oscar bash. This would be interesting, maybe, for about ten minutes and then I would fall asleep. I'll leave this type of artistic ridiculousness to the hipsters. Pass.

New Year's Eve
Oddly enough yes. For reasons see my review.

The Sitter
Oh. Mi. Gawd. It's a male revamped version of Adventures in Babysitting. Elizabeth Shue was obviously hotter than Jonah Hill (not a hard feat), but way less hilarious. This looks like a 'domino-effect-of-bad-encounters' movie that I can support...I think. We'll see.

My Pick: Toss up...I know New Year's Eve is watchable, but The Sitter doesn't look bad either.


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