Saturday, December 10, 2011

Keanu Reeves...Gent or desperate publicity?

So this video of Keanu Reeves giving up his seat on a train to a random chick is making the rounds online and everyone is fawning all over it like Keanu is the next Oprah or some garbage.

Couple of things:
  • The person is clearly taping him and then he gets up and stands right next to the camera and doesn't even notice the person filming. Yeah right. A normal person may not know...but a celeb would pick out that iPhone in a heartbeat.
  • If Keanu was out and about he wouldn't be dressed to impress...he would be dressed to hide his face and look borderline homeless.
  • And lastly...and the most obvious. Why the hell is Keanu on transit? No. This story just cannot be true.
Now I am not saying he wouldn't give up his seat, cause I am sure he is a legitimate member of society, but like this? With a perfect video? Eff off. I would not put it past a publicist to stage something like this. So gross.


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  1. aw, jes, don't be so negative ;) i think it might be for reals. (tho, maybe my love for him blinds me to the truth... and now that i think about it, how did NO ONE recognize "neo"?!)

    ok, forget what i said. :p


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