Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 5...Drama Drama Drama

The official trailer for Jersey Shore 5 came out today. The crew is heading back to the Shore for one more summer of trashtastic events. I don't know what exactly they are going to get up to this season that we haven't seen before, but I am sure there will be a couple more outrageous, boundary pushing episodes that will make the haters hate the show more and the fans cream themselves.

I like the part where Vinny leaves...they make it seem like it is permanent, when everyone who was reading any kind of gossip rag in the summer knows he was only gone for a couple of days. Didn't the Sitch leave too? So much f-cking drama.

I am not going to commit to watching another season of this madness, I don't think my brain could handle the drain so early in the new year.


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