Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Review: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

I just love Robert Downey Jr. so much it is hard for me to think objectively about any of his work. Love love love.

I was told before I went into this movie that I would bitch about the 5 minute stint of Rachel McAdams, whine about Jude Law's hair and talk about how I liked RJD better in Ironman. Pfft, puh-lease.

First of all, I didn't even think Rachel McAdams was going to be in this movie at it was a pleasant surprise that she was in it, even if it was only for the first ten minutes. As for Jude Law...I think the dude has invested in hair plugs. His receding hairline was not as gag reflex smacking as it usually is. Jude was actually lookin pretty hot. Meow.

And then there is RDJ. What do you mean by Ironman? That I would rather see him covered in metal? No no no. I love the RDJ in the Sherlock movies. Smart, witty, crazy as all hell and hawt. What more can I ask for? Maybe a BIT of a trim...there were moments of a mullet going on there.

Anyways, onto the movie. It had the twists and turns that you would expect from Sherlock Holmes, along with fighting, comedy, and mystery. It was like the first one...minus the whole 'mystical' element, which I could have done without anyways.

What else can I report without giving anything away or having to over-explain plot lines? Hum...there was one part where RJD is dressed in drag and his make-up is all smudged...I had a Heath Ledger flashback. It was sad. Not sure if that was the reaction they were going for, but I kept thinking, "Why so serious?"

Overall it was a good flick. I think it is a movie more aimed at the boys, but I was loving the eye candy...this is what I am basing my verdict on. If you wanna know if it meets a testosterone driven boys night out you'll have to ask a man.

Verdict: 3.7 Stars


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