Friday, December 9, 2011

Greyson Chance...about 2 years left on his career

I really didn't plan on this being my pick on children day, but I guess today is as good as any. Greyson Chance released his music video for the song Hold On Til the Night.

Now the Bieber comparisons with this kid have been going on since day 1. Young kid, shaggy hair, can sing. Besides the fact that Chancey doesn't have the swagger that the Biebs does, or that insane fan base, he also has a high, lady-like sounding voice.

Now whatever, I don't care that you sound like a chick...but if people were concerned that Bieber was going to start sucking once his voice dropped, I would times that concern by 100 for Greyson. Prognosis doesn't look good. I give him two years til the end of his career.

Song is alright though.


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