Friday, December 9, 2011

CONTEST: Win tix to an Advance Screening of SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 #YYC

Love me some Robert Downey Jr. Thus, I love me some Sherlock Holmes. The second Holmes movie hits theatres next Friday. I did like the first one, much to my I am thrilled to be able to get a jump on the second.

If you are in Calgary and would like to attend an advance screening of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows on Wednesday December 14, 2011 tweet me OR post in the comments section the answer to the following question:

What is your favorite line from the first Sherlock Holmes movie?

Winners will be announced on Monday December 12.



  1. Watson: I never complain! How am I complaining? When do I ever complain about you practicing the violin at three in the morning, or your mess, your general lack of hygiene, or the fact that you steal my clothes?

    Amanda Baldwin

  2. Dr. Watson - [as he's choking Dredger into unconsciousness] Relax. I'm a doctor.

  3. Sherlock: It's a matter of professional integrity! No girl wants to marry a doctor who can't tell if a man's dead or not!

  4. Hey Anonymous. What's your email. I need it for the contest.

  5. Hi Jes - the anonymous comment was from me- - thanks - I wasn't sure how to add my address when I posted


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