Saturday, December 3, 2011

A breakdown: Taylor Swift's OURS Video

Taylor Swift released the video for her new single Ours...and I feel like she is the one that wrote the story board for the short based on the fact that it is RIDICULOUS.

I feel like Taylor is trying to turn an office into high school. You need to start getting some real life experience Swifty if you want to start using non-tween moments as examples in your videos.

Everyone at your job wouldn't hate her...unless she was a useless loser who couldn't get her work done. The semi-bullying that seems to be going on here should be something addressed by HR. And there is no way that Americans would be bullying someone who was married to or dating a soldier that was currently DEPLOYED. Like, f-ck right off with that shit.

I also don't like the line "don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine" ... this applies when you are a celebrity, but not in real life. People (unless, again, they are teenagers) don't just go around hating people for no reason...and definitely not for just being awesome. That is just some lie that social inept people tell themselves to make them feel better about being ostracized.

Also...the description in the song of the dude does not match the guy who plays him in the video. Gap in teeth an tattoos? That guy looks like he just stepped out of a JC Penny ad (and I also think he was in the Alexis Bledel movie Post Grad).

At the end when they drop shit and start hugging in the middle of the road at the airport pick up: I don't care if the dude is in camo...there would be horns honking and traffic cops all over their asses...not to mention that is just plain rude.

Other than that...I do like the song.


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