Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Edition: Top 5: Movies

It's the last week of 2011, which means it is time to do some 'best of' lists for the year...every day for the rest of this week will have a different top 5 we shall start with movie of the year.

This list will probably be quite different from others you will see as I didn't get out to the theatre that often this year and thus have a smaller lot to choose from. I didn't get out to most of the critically acclaimed ones which will end up on the Oscar ballot, but these ones are good too.

The Help
I loved everything about this movie. It was probably my favorite of the whole year. Emma Stone and Allison Janney were perfect, the story enraged me and made me do a mental victory dance.

Super 8
This movie contained everything that I normally hate in a movie: aliens and children. It was reminiscent of the Goonies thought and kind of stole my heart. Damn. Don't tell anyone that...they'll think I've gone soft.

Crazy Stupid Love
I had to throw a RomCom on this list, and what better than one where Ryan Gosling takes off his shirt and attempts to embody P Swayze in the time of Dirty Dancing. Steve Carell was such a depressing soul in the movie as well...which made me feel better about my life. Loved it.

Our Idiot Brother 
Even though Paul Rudd is sporting Jesus hair in this movie it was still one of my faves of the year. You just had to love him in this.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Had to put Harry and the gang on this list...if they aren't going to finally score an Oscar I think that this is a good constellation prize.

Until next year...


Side Note: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a serious contender...but I haven't fully recovered from the trauma of watching it so its spot went to Crazy Stupid Love.

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