Monday, November 14, 2011

Top 5: Sexiest Men Alive

Is it that time of year again already?! People Magazine is about to announce their choice for Sexiest Man Alive. So obviously I need to get my two cents in before they go to print and give it to someone I do not approve of. Last year they had a redeeming moment when they gave the title to Ryan Reynolds....hawt. Let's see if they can repeat by giving it to one of my choices:

Justin Timberlake
JT had a pretty good year with his movies No Strings Attached Friends with Benefits, Bad Teacher and that new weird one where people have time in their arms. I think he is a contender this year...cause musicians don't win this honor...only film actors.

Robert Downey Jr.
This could be the man's year. Besides being the most successful comeback-kid ever and showing the Lindsay Lohans of the world that it can be done, and he has had hit after hit in the theatre. Winning this title could give a little bump to his upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel - out in December.

Ryan Gosling
Well we have a Canadian Ryan repeat? If only in my dreams! Gosling has to be my number one pick this year...and if I thought there was a chance in hell that they would pick a Canadian 2 years in a row with the same name I would go out right now and put money on it.

James Franco
Now, horrible Oscar hosting aside...Franco did have a stellar year and he is hot as hell. Oscar nominations, hosting, blockbusters out the ying-yang. Show Franco some love.

Ian Somerhalder
Historically a movie actor has always won the title...except for the one year when they had the nerve to go against the grain and give it to JKF Jr. It hasn't happened since...but if they were to give it to a lowly television actor...well, Ian is smokin.


Side Note: It goes without saying that any list I ever create about hot men will include Mark Wahlberg, even if it is only in the backend. I thought I would give some other people time to shine...but Marky is always number one in my heart.

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