Monday, November 21, 2011

Top 5: New Christmas Albums

I went shopping today and what did I hear...Christmas carols in all the stores. It is not the time of year when people make their Christmas play lists. Every year a few artists put out Christmas albums. Some of them suck, but there are a few good ones. Here are my top 5 albums of 2011.

Michael Buble
Buble has made my Christmas this year. A crooning Christmas is what I am talking about. It was hard for me to pick one song as my fave, but the decision had to be made.

Album fave: Cold December Night

A Very She & Him Christmas
She & Him
Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward (She & Him) have put out a very respectable Christmas album. It has the old time feel which, again, makes Christmas. Zooey has such a great voice that you just can't help but love it. I would have liked if they had more originals, but the old school stuff is ok too.

Album fave: Christmas Day

Full Moon Eleven
Hawksley Workman
This is the kind of album you would throw on for a mellow gathering...or if you wanted a tune to play while you watched the Yule log on TV and wanted to have the cabin in the mountains vibe.

Album fave: Merry Christmas (I love you) 

This Warm December
For the artists who only have one or two Christmas songs getting in on a compilation album is it gives me a little bit of variety. I have heard better, but this one will do for this year.

Album fave: In the Morning - Jack Johnson

It Snowed
Meaghan Smith
One of my favorite little songstresses loves her Christmas tunes. Some of the ones on this album were from one that she put out last year. The new ones are also really legit.

Album fave: It Snowed


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  1. And Justin ??? I am from Brasil and missed this great xmas album


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