Monday, November 7, 2011

Top 5: Canadian Royal Families

I know Canada is part of the Commonwealth, so we have a royal family already, but ever since the Kardashian farce of a wedding was touted at the 'Royal American Wedding' I started thinking about Canadian families who may be classified as Canadian royalty. And no...I am not talking about first generation teen idol, Bieber.

Unfortunately for us, Canadians are notoriously humble, modest and don't like to attract attention. So there are no Paris Hilton types running around making sex tapes and being famous for having loads of money. I mean...I am sure these people are ballin in their own circles...but they aren't making a reality show about it. So if we were to have a 'royal' Canadian of these would have to be them.

The Political Royals
The political family of Canada (Sorry Ben and Brian). Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret were seen as the John and Jackie Kennedy of Canada...but then they divorced cause she was apparently doing Ted Kennedy. Don't take my word for can't believe everything you read on Wikipedia. Their oldest son, Justin, has taken on the political reigns in the family and has a bright little future in front of him.

The All-Angle Royals
Check out this family tree. Kiefer Sutherland is the bad ass Jack Bauer from 24...his father is actor Donald Sutherland and his mother is actress Shirley Douglas. Shirley's dad was the mother effing father of Universal Health Care - Tommy Douglas, former premiere of Saskatchewan. Now if only Kiefer could keep the legitness going...I think the dream died when Julia Roberts left him three days before their wedding in the 90s. Oh Kiefer...get it together.

The Funny Royals
Obviously this little father son duo have a special place in my heart. Eugene, most widely known to the 'born in the 80s' generation, as the father from the American Pie movies. That was classic, but Eugene was in tons of flicks prior to that. He was big in the 80s. His son, Dan Levy, is former MTV host and is the current 'forgotten talent' that I need to advocate for. How the HELL did he not get on the Canada's Got Talent judges panel? Ridiculous. 

The Royal Couple
Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk
Canada's power couple. Now obviously I would have liked this section to have been filled by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams...or Kelly Rowan and the richest man in the country David Thomson, but because neither of those pairs can't get it together and start dating again...these two songbirds will have to do.

Now I know what you are is supposed to be a top 5...and it should be. However, I found it outrageously difficult to find people who had generations of people in their family who had been born in Canada. It seems like every time a Canadian entertainer hits it big they move to the states, marry an American and have their children in New York or LA. Then there are the people who are from Canada who made it in our homeland...their parents were immigrants or school teachers. There is no Coppola family in our great country running the talent. The talent just comes out of the woodwork on its own.


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