Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sugarland being sued by Indiana Fair victims

A group of 44 survivors of the Indiana stage collapse from this summer have filed a lawsuit against Sugarland and other people involved with the incident which killed 7 people and injured over 40.

I understand suing the concert producers and/or anyone in charge of running the stage, but the band? Come on. That is ridiculous.

Do people actually think that these people make decisions for themselves? I guess Lady Antebellum and Janet Jackson both cancelled their concerts at the fair...but that doesn't mean that they were paying attention to the weather. It means their people were concerned with their well being and called it off.  My bet is that Jennifer Nettles and crew were in a trailer or some other secured area and didn't even know the weather was bad. Or maybe they did, but they are musicians not meteorologists.

I think someone should be looking into the companies that supply the stages...there were too many to count in the past couple of years that have collapsed and injured or killed people.


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